They aren't polka-dots!

When I saw this outfit on Hayley from The Weekend File, I feel in love with her bag first, and then noticed how incredibly awesome her jacket was.

Old Navy shirt; Forever 21 jacket; Dynamite pants; Spring shoes

Then, when I stepped foot in the Ottawa's new (and only) Forever 21, I spotted the jacket. Right there. Begging for me to try it on. It fit so well that I also walked out of the store with it. It won my heart over.  This jacket was only part of the Forever 21 haul, but it's a great piece for fall.  It's got itty-bitty flowers on it that look like polka-dots. Or "paw prints" as my boyfriend noted.

I'm getting pretty creative with some of my picture-taking.  As you know, I don't have a tripod so I try to find ideal objects to balance my camera on while using the timer.  This time, it was a newspaper box! I mean, the background isn't the greatest, but I can't really be picky in my situation. I'm proud of my creativity today, though :)


  1. I'm proud too! You are doing great without a tripod, but FYI you can get one for like $17 from Radio Shack and they are not too bad. Your pics are great, though, and I LOVE the non-polka dot jacket!

  2. Wow, you're doing great taking timed pictures, without a tripod. My husband got me a tripod earlier this year and I've only used it a couple of times. Should probably use it a bit more :)
    Very cute outfit!

  3. So cute, and I love the black and navy and red!

    Just a word of warning--I used to balance my camera on stuff for self-timing, until it fell off a ledge and almost dislodged the lens (GULP). I got one of those Gorillapod things, and life is a lot easier these days. :)

  4. Cute outfit! Love the bright red shirt :)

    classy & fabulous



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