One of my last summer outfits...hopefully.

Guess what everyone.... I'm finally ready for fall. After the humidity last weekend and the heat this week, I'm done with +30°C weather. Done, I tell ya. 

Hopefully this will be one of my last summer outfits. I'm really ready for jeans, leggings, blazers, cardigans and boots...

Bracelets from F21 

Shirt from Costa Blanca; Shoes, Shorts, Bracelets from F21

For these photos I borrowed my dad's camera. Yay for pictures where my skin doesn't reflect the sun! I'd love to go and play around with this camera a little more to test out some of the cool functions... =D

I've also been thinking that it's about time to re-design my blog. Unfortunately, I have very little expertise in blog design... Does anyone know of any good designers?!? 


  1. me on the contrary, i wish summer would never end!

  2. I really like this color combo. I loveee the summer but I'm ready for boots and cardigans too!

  3. Love, love love your shorts! What a gorgeous colour :)

    -Laura x

  4. I am ready for fall since I missed it all of college, but soo not ready for the winter to follow.

  5. I'm on the fence about Fall & Summer...I love both seasons and end up missing one or the other when they come.

    You're looking gorgeous by the way! I love the color combo and the photos turned out great :)


  6. lookin' good kelly! the pictures came out great on your dad's camera btw.

  7. I love how casually you tucked in your effortlessly chic! And the colour of the shorts is fantastic!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired


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