I love menswear.

Menswear. I love menswear. This shirt is from the men's section at The Bay, and it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing. Ever. It's super comfortable and perfect for fall. 

Forever 21 jeans and purse; Zellers blazer; The Bay shirt (men's); Spring shoes; Garage scarf

I felt wonderful in this outfit. The two different plaid patterns made me happy :)

I'm really sorry I've been terrible at keeping up with all of your lovely blogs this weekend. It's been sooooo busy for me recently and I can't promise that the next few days will be much better. I will be back to normal soon, I hope.

Thanks again to all of my lovely readers. You guys are awesome :)


  1. ooo, love the shirt, it's a great find.

    I almost bought a mens shirt at H&M but chickened out.


  2. I love all the layering! Borrowing from the boys is such fun!

  3. I love how you mixed the different plaids!!!

  4. the two different plaid patterns makes me happy too! i'm going to have give mixing plaids a try. thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. very nice style, you are very pretty, me i love girlswear <3


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