The dress.

So I know a number of you wanted to see my birthday dress. Sorry for iPhone quality photos, but that's all we had:

Why this dress? Because every single other one I tried on sucked. And this one had studs. Anything that makes me feel bad-ass is good in my books - if you don't remember, I discussed it in this post
But it was pretty perfect. I tried to explain to a friend what I was looking for, which was: a dress that was fun but not too crazy, sexy but not "I'm a hoe", pretty but not too girly, said "let's party" but not "all I do is party". Somehow this dress was able to meet all criteria! 

And here's a picture of some of my bffs for good measure:

And now I'm going to say that I've decided to take a short break from the blogging world. Not that I don't love you all, but I'm feeling a little burnt out. I'll make a short stop in on Friday because I'll be guest-posting for someone special, but otherwise I won't be back 'til Monday.

Hope you all have a wonderful week filled with more motivation than I seem to have right now!


  1. Kelly! You look absolutely gorgeous!! That dress is just stunning on you. It's the perfect LBD. Happy belated birthday! So sorry I missed it :(

    The Tiny Heart

  2. This looks so great on you!! I absolutely agree, it hit all the points you wanted it to hit, and avoided all the bad points. Enjoy your bloggy break...we all need one from time to time :)

  3. Aw no, I am going to miss you, but blogging breaks are much need! LOVE this dress!


  4. That dress is SUPER cute!! Definitely hit all the points! I've been on an unwanted, very long blog first it was okay, but I am dying to get back in! I've missed all my bloggy friends! ; )

  5. Kelly!! I'm wolf-whistling over here! That dress is amazing, you look gorgeous! Hahaha it's definitely not 'I'm a hoe' or 'all I do is party' hahaha. Enjoy your blog break, it can be good to recharge :)

    Life etc

    1. PS I've grabbed one of your buttons! I've finally made my own, so feel free to do a swap if you want :)

  6. I love it! It's perfect. I think you should do outfit photos with this one! :)

  7. I absolutely love your blog so I have nominated it for the "Liebster Blog Award' which translates to favorite blog award! Visit my blog for details :)

  8. Love your dress - I think you look stunning!
    This dress definitely met the check list you described above! Hope you had a great birthday

    Kate xo


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