Playing with sticks.

I come outside and find some of the animals obsessing over sticks.
As happy as can be.

I sometimes wonder what it'd be like to have such simple minds? Where your sole thought for a solid 5 minutes is "kill that stick".

Muffins. What a hard life it must be for them.

p.s. New blog layout! This one took all weekend to make, so if you want to know what I did this weekend, you're looking at it!

p.p.s. I have new buttons in case you'd like to grab 'em! If you need a different size let me know :)


  1. Omg Kelly! The blog looks fabulous! Haha tell me about it, it took me half a weekend to re-do mine and it doesn't look half as good as yours! I've got your new button now. And your pets are too cute - especially your dog, I'm a sucker for golden retrievers/labradors :)

    Life etc

  2. You are so talented Kelly, I noticed the new blog layout right away, I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to designing layouts! Words can't describe how adorable these photos are, the kitty awwww!

  3. This new layout looks amazing! Hehe you did a very good job :)

  4. I like the new layout! Also, your animals are adorable, and I wonder what it'd be like to be my cat, too. I get jealous of her, sometimes :P


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