Graduation Dress.

Forever 21 wrap dress, necklace; Fossil watch; Spring shoes

You all know I graduated on Monday because it was kind of spammed throughout twitter, Instagram and this blog. Sorry 'bout that. I don't really want to talk about it again, but because this is a personal style blog I thought you might like to see what I wore.

I bought this dress from Forever 21 a good... 4 months ago? Finally I'm getting around to wearing it (oops)... I knew there was a right moment for it, and when I was thinking of what to wear for grad it was perfect. The best part? It seems long enough to wear to work. Yay - I'm excited to start styling it more! I paired it with neutral shoes and accessories because I really wanted to accent the colour of the dress itself. It's such a pretty shade of teal green/blue that I didn't want anything to take away from it.

Side note: These patent nude had crazy scuff marks that I wanted to get rid of before grad. Soooo I used handy-dandy Google and found out that you can remove the scuff marks off patent shoes with nail polish remover! It totally worked for me, but if you're going to go ahead and try it, please test a really small area in case it takes off the shine or the colour (because it can). Just a little tip! :)


  1. Oh Kelly you look beautiful! That is a really pretty color.

  2. Love that dress! The color is fantastic! Congrats on Graduating!

  3. You look gorgeous, Kelly! The teal color looks really nice on you. I'll have to keep that tip in mind since I just got a pair of nude pumps :) Congrats again!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Oooooh! Thanks for the tip! This dress is lovely on you! Great color and most importantly CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! I think you should talk about it as much as you like. It is a big accomplishment and you deserve to be proud!

  5. This dress is fabulous!!
    congrats again on graduating!!

  6. beautiful dress! love the color with the nude heels.
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  7. Gorgeous dress! Congrats on graduating again, how exciting! And where were these pics taken - looks really pretty :)

    Life Etc

    1. Thanks and thanks! I live in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) so in the last picture you can see our parliament buildings and the canal is on the other side of me. Its a really nice spot!

  8. That dress is just perfect on you. Such a great color. And I never knew that about nail polish remover. Definitely going to remember that!!

  9. Oh I love that dress! So sophisticated :) Congrats again on graduating. Welcome to...well...the rest of your life! Haha


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