A story about my cutoffs.

Today I'd like to share a little story with you. A story of how these shorts came to be...

Forever 21 top and shoes; American Eagle pants turned shorts

When I was 16, a cute boy had asked me out. I wanted new denim for the date, so I made a trip to American Eagle to buy my first AE jeans. The style was actually called "boyfriend", which I found pretty funny since I was buying them for a first date...Either way, they were my first AE jeans and were amazing. I give them credit for starting my undying love for AE's denim...

Over the years, these jeans have managed to stay in my wardrobe. Even when other jeans have passed their prime and been donated, I've kept my "boyfriend" jeans. Maybe it had to do with the fact my ex and I were able to make it over 5 years together and they were a keepsake from our first date. I had an emotional attachment to these jeans.

When we broke up late last year, I didn't want to part with these pants just yet. They had managed to stick with me for 5 long years and they still had some life left in them. So I updated them. I cut the legs off the pants and turned them into distressed denim shorts. And guess what? They're now my absolute favourite.

Coming up on 6 years in my closet, these denim babies have been through thick and thin with me. They're still holding on strong and hopefully it'll be another few years before we have to part for good.

Do you have anything in your closet that you've held onto forever? 


  1. Kelly you look adorable in these cut offs and neon top!! I don't think I have any clothes that have lasted that long. Maybe I should look into AE jeans, I've never bought any from there.

  2. love love love the shorts! you did a great job changing them up from jeans!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  3. How cute that you cut your jeans into shorts! I'll wear my jeans for years too, usually until they got so hole-y that I can't wear them anymore :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I love this story. I have a pair of jeans from my junior year of high school. I even wore them during my senior photo shoot. I keep them for a few reasons: I am proud that clothes from high school still fit me and are even a bit loose (ha) and they remind me of when I met my husband. Granted they are now my "painting the house" jeans but I still love them!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. I do the same thing with my denim! I think my current record-holder is going strong at 5 years right now. Hey, I have a weird figure. When I find a pair that flatters it in all the right places, I hang on to those babies!!

    I also may or may not have a pair of faux-Chuck Taylors from high school. Yup. Eight years and counting.

  6. What a cool story! I have a ton of clothes in my closet that are only there for the emotional attachment. These are cute shorts indeed and I love the neon sweater!

  7. Man - I don't fit my clothes from five years ago anymore!!
    Those are cute - and I don't blame you a bit for holding onto them for so long.

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  9. Wow- that's awesome you have had those for 6 years!! hmm... not clothes that are stylish, I have lot of T shirts I wear to bed, like my graduating elementary school to middle school t-shirt! Ya! Still fits!! isn't that crazy?


  10. I have so many clothing items that I've owned for 10ish years. I haven't changed much in size since college so I've been able to hold on to a number of items that have worn well! I completely understand!

    The Blue Hour

  11. Ohh I totally understand this. I still have some items from high school, although I recently forced myself to go through and get rid of a lot of it. There is this one shirt in particular, it's an original gingham button-down from about 1998, and it was my favorite, favorite shirt EVER because it always looked good on everyone (me and friends who borrowed it). It was like the sisterhood of the traveling pants shirt. I never wear it, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Thankfully it's the only thing I still own from Abercrombie & Fitch... oh, high school. :) I'm digging the cutoffs too, btw - I love AE jeans, and the longer you own denim/shorts, the better it gets!

  12. those are the perfect shorts! I can't think of anythinng off the top of my head but I know if I looked I'd find some old items that I still hold dear:)


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