Not just jeans and a tee.

American Eagle tee and jeans; Forever 21 shoes, bracelets

Some days just call for jeans and a tee. Thinking about creative outfits and exciting combinations is fun, but sometimes jeans and a tee can feel just soooo good.

I don't see bloggers wearing just jeans + a tee very much. It's as if people think it's almost too simple... If you want to make this simple outfit a little more exciting, I have a few tips that I used to jazz up my version:

1. Wear a bright lip colour. There's just something about a pop of colour on your lips that makes you look that much more put together.

2. Accessorize. To complete the outfit, you've gotta add some dimension here. In this case I went with a bunch of bangles, but you could throw on a statement necklace if you wanted, or even a fun scarf.

3. Put on some awesome shoes.  Your shoes set the tone for your outfit - or at least that's how I feel. I went with some wedges to give this outfit a little fun, but if I wanted something a little classier I could have thrown on some black or nude pumps.

How do you wear your jeans and a tee? Do you have any other tips? 


  1. Love the lip colour!

  2. Love this look Kelly! Those wedges are hot!! I agree with all your tips, I even mentioned you in my post today! : )

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with tip 2: a scarf works magic! I've also decided to buy more t-shirts with interesting silhouettes or prints in order to make this combo less ho-hum.

  4. such cute shoes! love this casual outfit.
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  5. I love this simple look! I've ben sporting jeans + tee ever since the exams started and should really switch things up with a few accessoiries! x

  6. I love the color of this top!! Definitely made a simple look look style bloggerish!!


  7. I wear jeans and a t shirt all the time haha, especially during the school year. You can't be fancy, edgy, creative, and avante-garde every day!

    On another note, you look really pretty in red! It makes your skin glow :)

  8. Great outfit! I love a simple tee and jeans outfit, or in summer a tee with denim shorts. But yep, I love making it a bit more interesting by wearing fun scarves! :)

    Life Etc

  9. Love how you styled this go-to casual look! I definitely agree accessories make the outfit more bold. I also like to tie the shirt to the side, or add a colorful belt to the mix! :)

    daydream frenzy

  10. I am all about spicing up basic jeans and a tee. Nothing easier than elevating the look with some heels, in my opinion!



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