Blogger Spotlight: Corinne of Life Etc.

For the lovely month of June, I would like to introduce all you wonderful people to one of my new favourite bloggers, Corinne, who blogs over at Life Etc. Although she's only been blogging here for a few months, no one can deny that she's started off with a bang.  I love how effortlessly she plays with layers and the creativity behind each of her outfits. This lady's definitely got style. Did you know she's in the process of doing the 30x30 too? Yep. She's pretty awesome. Take it away, Corinne!

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Hello lovely Enter Kelly readers! It’s Corinne here from Life Etc. I’m absolutely thrilled to be posting here today on one of my favourite blogs. Doesn’t Kelly just have the most awesome sense of style and humour?? I always love what she’s got to say as much as what she’s wearing! Anyway, enough about her. Onto me. Ha.

I’m currently doing a 30x30 challenge – which for those of you who don’t know, means that I’m limiting my wardrobe to 30 items to make up 30 outfits. So let’s just say my re-mixing skills are getting quite the workout. Which brings me to what I’m talking about today: three ways to wear a button-up shirt. I’ve included a few shirts in my 30 items and I’m finding them to be so versatile. Here’s a few of my favourite ways to wear them so far…

1.     Just add a jumper and statement necklace. BAM instant style!

2.     Tuck it in. Whether you’re wearing a pencil skirt, a high-waisted maxi or jeans, tucking in a shirt smartens up any look.

3.     Wear open over another top. Yay for layers!

Thanks for reading guys, and a big thanks to Kelly for letting me post!

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Yessss, see that's another reason why she's awesome - button-ups. As my favourite kind of shirt, I can totally relate to this post. :) Now go check out her blog - I bet you'll fall in love with it too!


  1. Big fan of Corinne! Thanks again for introducing me to her a couple weeks back:)

  2. All of those looks are awesome! Corinne is new to me- totally going to check her out!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. That challenge sounds well, challenging! but you make it look easy, all of those outfits are gorge!!

  4. I have been LOVING button up shirts lately! They def. are very versatile.. I'm going to check out her blog now!

  5. Oh, just looking at her style makes me want to go over to her blog and check it out! Thank you! I could always use more inspiration! -Jessica



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