AE sweater; Winners jeans; Old Navy gingham; Payless boots

I hate waiting.
Like when I'm in line at the grocery store, or stopped at a red light.
Or maybe when I'm waiting for the weekend to come and it's only Monday.
I'm impatient when it comes to dessert after dinner, or when I'm waiting to go out with friends.
I hate waiting for good news, or bad news, or just news altogether.
...Guess I gotta work on that.

What about you? Are you patient?


  1. Totally agree. Thank goodness today is Friday! :)

    lace, etc.

  2. No way..I am so impatient too! I hate to wait for anything. I'm expecting a package from Karmaloop today and I must have called my mother about 5 times already to see if it got there. lol

    Cute outfit!!

  3. HAHA if I had a dollar for every time my parents told me (as a child or even now, as an adult) that "patience is a virtue, Emma..."

    ...I'd have a lot of dollars. Love that sweater :) It looks great with the red pants! (The OSU fan in me had to say it!)

  4. I am the epitome of impatient. This morning I found out my camera broke. This afternoon, I bought a new one. I have been lusting after mint jeans for ions. If I didn't have a wedding to save up for, I'd probably have 10 pairs by now. I wish I had patience.

  5. love the layering and the pop of color!
    I hate waiting too. luckily thats what my smartphone is for :p

  6. I'm pretty impatient too. I hate when I order something online and then I have to wait days to get the package!

    Cute layering with the gingham and bright red!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. my patience level really depends on my mood! i think i'm most impatient when i'm angry and pms-y!

  8. Right there with you, I have zero patience. For anything. As hard as I've tried to work on it, it just never gets better. But hey it's not the worst vice to have is it?

    PS. I love the sweater/dress shirt combo. The cut-outs are too cute!


  9. This is such a great sweater! I love how the top underneath peaks through.

  10. Amazing colors! Your jumper is adorable :)

  11. I love this outfit ♥ the necklace is perfect

  12. Yay to bright jeans! Love how you kept it classic with the sweater and blouse

  13. Cute outfit! I need to own a pair of red pants! And your sweater is gorgeous!!

  14. I love this mix of colors & outfit! Your entire blog is so awesome, following you now :)


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