I heard that you liked the bad girls.

Costco blazer; Tommy Hilfiger (men's) shirt (from Costco); Dynamite leggings; Spring wedge boots

I've been on a Lana Del Rey kick. I don't know why but her music has a special place in my music-heart. She's definitely a unique voice and I love the stories her lyrics tell.

I'm linking this outfit up with Bloggers Take The Town - a link-up started by Sydney (of Take Me For A Twirl) and Emma (of Verbal Melange). Some of my favourite bloggers, they are :) Anyway, the idea is to feature outfits that we've worn out on the town.

I've wore a version of this out a few times for a few reasons:
1) These are my favourite pants to wear out - I call them my liquid leggings and they make me feel awesome;
2) You can't go wrong with a blazer to add some class/sophistication;
3) Wedge heels are impossible to wear casually in this winter snow, so going out is the only time I can really take advantage of them!

Check it out and link up yourself if you've got a fun "going out" outfit to feature :)


  1. love it! Thanks for linking up. Those pants are definitely smokin' girl!

  2. Wow! This outfit is so cool :) I love that shirt :) xo Nikki

  3. Very creative and chic. Your style is great.

  4. I love this Kelly! Those leggings are awesome!

  5. Those leggings are perfect for a night out! Love them paired with your wedge booties too and glad you can get some use out of them in the wintertime :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. i have yet to have a pair of liquid leggings. i can't seem to find them in stores anymore.

    lana del rey's songs are so catchy! i love her too

  7. Love the snow shots! What a perfect backdrop. Blazer looks so smart with the leggings, I will definitely need to rock this look!

  8. LOVING those leggings and how you styled them! And Lana del Rey is one of my faves right now - I listen to her music all day at work :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. this is such a great outfit for the all the reason's you listed above. You look awesome!

  10. Love how you rock your styles in all that snow Kelly!! Can't be easy :-)
    And this is a great look...classic and chic.
    XO - Marion

  11. Thanks for the shoutout :) Love this outfit, so effortlessly stylish!

  12. this is such a great and simple look! truly effortless!



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