Surviving Canadian Winters: Accessories.

Welcome to the second part of "Surviving Canadian Winters". Previously I've shown you about how I survive in terms of jackets, and now I'm introducing you to my choice in accessories.  I don't really wear hats...? Call me crazy but hoods are wonderful and do just fine for me :)

1. The Leather Gloves & Printed Scarf.

Costco gloves & eBay scarf

I wear the leather pair of gloves more than any of the others. They're great for running errands because they keep your hands warm from the car to the store, and back.  They also give great grip when you're driving - super important. If I want to look dressy, I will wear them as well. Usually for that purpose I'll pair them with a light-weight scarf like this one :)

2. The Knits & Flannel.

Garage mitts & Old Navy scarf

When I'm looking for a bit of warmth, I turn to these mitts and this scarf.  I've also got a few knit cowls I will throw on as well, but I didn't photograph them to keep this post a little more simple. Though these are warm, if I was to be outside for a long period of time I would choose accessory set #3.

3. The Insulated Mitts & Eat-Your-Face Scarf.

?? gloves & ALDO scarf

These guys go on my hands when I'm planning on being outside for a long while.  They're insulated, warm, and waterproof. Sometimes I'll throw these on when I'm letting the puppy out for a bit so that my hands don't even feel the cold. They're wonderful inventions. Now, someone just has to make a fashionable pair! New business idea? ;) I pair these with my Eat-Your-Face scarf, because that's exactly what it does. And I don't mind, because it keeps me warm even in the most frigid of temperatures!

There you have it! The inside scoop on how Kelly survives Canadian winters with accessories. Stay tuned for the third and final instalment: boots.

Are you guys fans of winter hats? What do you wear to keep your ears warm?


  1. Aww Kelly, I hope spring comes soon for you! I have a large collection of knit hats that I'll wear when it's really cold out. We've been lucky this winter, it's been so mild that I've barely worn my hats this year. (sorry, you probably don't want to hear that!)


  2. Love these pics Kelly, you look so cute and cozy!
    I love the colour/pattern combos you've got going on - definitely making winter more fun!

  3. I want your scarfs. All of them. That's all. :) x

  4. Love the knits and flannel :) I really like wearing hats and I think they're such a fun accessory for outfits.

  5. I love the leather gloves and print scarf. I have lots of knit hats to keep my ears warm. Oh I also just got cute fuzzy earmuffs that double as headphones, I've been wearing those a lot lately!

    1. Oh cool! I've seen those earmuffs around but wasn't sure if they really worked. Good to know they do!

  6. Kelly! You're such a cutie!! (Love the outfit in the last post btw!). I think that all I need to survive my Canadian winter is an umbrella! We've had our 1 dose of snow for the year (during which I barely left the house) and now I'm ready for spring. The snow does look rather magical though. Maybe I'll come for a visit :) xx Natalie

  7. Good piece on winter accessories. I also prefer to have a hood even if I'm wearing a hat because it seems to just muffle everything hehe.
    Just found your blog via Style Blogger Map. Always cool to find other Canadian Bloggers! I'm now a follower :)

  8. Haha - love your face in that last pic - almost like you are defeated when you have to wear the heavy duty gloves :) The rest are so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray


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