The evolution of style... via Pinterest

(First off, thanks everyone for your comments about my skirt in my last post :) I think I'll be wearing it with tights rather than bare legs next time. It'll make me feel more comfortable :) You guys rock!!)

My style is constantly evolving..  When I look back at what I wore just a couple years ago, I wonder why I owned half of the things that I did.  Today, although happy with my wardrobe, I always find myself longing for something different, to allow my current collection to grow into something new. 

To make matters worse, there are websites out there that make it easy to obsess over new styles and outfits.  Enter Pinterest.  Why did I have to start using it? I don't know, because it seemed neat? Other people were doing it and it looked fun?

Now I find myself wanting this outfit:

From via Kelly on Pinterest.

And this outfit:

First pinned by Lindsay Kay, repinned by Kelly on Pinterest.

And this outfit:

From via Kelly on Pinterest.

... Do you see that jacket? Those shoes? That bag?!  You get the idea...

I make it sound like a bad thing, but really it's not (my wallet might disagree...).  Pinterest has actually helped me. How? Well, the pins that inspire me, I re-pin. Eventually, the collection gets large enough that there are noticeable patterns in the clothing that I like. 

Take these outfits for example.  In every single case, there's a structured jacket.  You can see more structured jackets repinned on my Pinterest, too.  What do you think this is trying to tell me?  My wardrobe needs more structured jackets, or at least I should wear them more often. And you know? It's totally right. I tend to forget about my blazers, but when I wear them, I feel my best.

Pinterest is also a great way to get inspiration (duh). Just like blogs, I can open my Pinterest for outfit inspiration.  It's also really great for showing successful ways to integrate pops of colour into your wardrobe (see outfit #2's shoes). 

For those of you on Pinterest, drop me a line, I'd love to check out your boards! And for those of you not on Pinterest, it might be worth a shot to check it out :)

You can find me here on Pinterest. Mine's still a baby compared to some, but I'm trying not to make it an obsession, kay? ;)


  1. I know what you mean about Pinterest becoming an obsession. It's a fine line, haha!

    But I love all of those outfits, too. I've been looking for some nice jackets like these myself! I'm off to repin these onto my boards too :)

  2. Everyone keeps talking about pinterst. One day I will join and see what it's all about. I love the idea of learning what your patterns are!

  3. You are so right in every way. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The second outfit is definitely my favourite, although I really do love them all.


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