The love and hate of summer.

First, the hate: Having to work full-time, limiting the times I can wear my favourite summer clothes.
Now, the love: Going for walks in the sunshine, wearing the cute clothes that I love.

Shorts from Bluenotes; Shirt from Winners; Tank from H&M; Purse gifted; Shoes from F21; Necklace from Costa Blanca

Usually I don't mind grocery shopping, but I'm really not excited about it today. It's too hot out there. Our heatwave has barely let up. And I have to carry all the stuff on the bus...sometimes that's the worst part. Inconveniencing others with your pile of grocery bags.

Anyways, I really should go and get ready. We have no food in the house for dinner, so the more time I waste, the later we'll be eating.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. Great summer look, denim shorts are a total staple! I agree work always gets in the way of fun summery clothes like short dresses but we need to right? otherwise how could we afford them, or pretty sandals like those, have fun with the groceries!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. I do love grocery shopping. I'll probably be much happier if I can go to grocery shopping with the outfit like you have in this post. Looks so fun! I bet if I wear that outfit to the grocery, everybody will look at me and says "where the hell are you going now?? this is a traditional market place not super market in mall!!" LOL :D
    I love your ankle strap by the way!!

    crunchy cheese me

  3. You have a great blog, I love your style! Hope you had a great weekend!


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