Rainy days.

Rainy days call for stripes and ripped jeans. And converse. I love my converse.

Shirt from Zellers; Jeans from AE (diy); Converse from Foot Locker; Purse was thrifted

I was able to photoshop the gloom out of these photos, but it was raining all day :( We were lucky enough to leave the apartment during the only dry spell.

Boyfriend and I went out for dinner at a local pub, and for some reason, I ordered the butter chicken. Never order a butter chicken from a pub. The rice tasted funky and the chicken really sucked. But I guess it's not exactly their specialty, and I would have been happier/smarter sticking to the traditional greasy foods. Lesson learned.

Tonight we're heading off to see Harry Potter 6 in theatres again. They're replaying them all for $5 admission until the final movie! I'm so excited!!!


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