I went to the beach on the weekend

And this is what I wore! Because I know you all care. At least, I like to tell myself that...

Shirt from Joe Fresh (partial DIY), Shorts, sandals, sunnies and hat from F21

This outfit is:
a) Simple
b) Breezy
c) Colourful.
...Perfect for a day at the beach, I tell ya!

It was a great time with just me and my mom. The sand was so hot you couldn't stand on it for more than 10 seconds.  It was blazingly sunny, so much that you couldn't manage without shades. But I STILL didn't get any colour. Yes, I put on sunscreen in the morning, but I expected something by the end of the day. Alas, my skin does reflect the UV rays. Just as I suspected.

But something really cool happened to us! We went snorkelling in the lake to see some fish. After being out there for about 15 minutes, I turned around and behind us was this massive school of fish...following us! They went everywhere we went. There were like 40 of them, all different sizes. If we swam through seaweed, they swam through right after us.  It was so cool....moments like these, I wish I had an underwater camera.

Back to the outfit, I bought this shirt from Joe Fresh for like $2.00 I cut the edges to make them rough, and then cut the bottom on an angle upwards to make it asymmetrical. I like how it turned out, especially for an outing like this. Paired with everything from F21, I can safely say this was a very affordable outfit :)


  1. Great outfit, perfect for summer or the beach.

    That must have been pretty amazing to have all those fish follow you.

  2. Great beach outfit. Those shorts are so great.

  3. hahahahahaha omg, you're so funny! but it's true! my skin never gets any color at all! I think I could sit two days in a row and nothing would happen! Hey, we care :P! I love that outfit! It looks effortlessly cool!

  4. really nice outfit for the beach!!

  5. A beach day! Jealous. I love the pastel mint colour of the shorts, very cute!

    Xo Chelle

  6. great !



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