Wednesday's Work Style

Here's an outfit. Not sure how much I like the tank top, but I try and make it work...

Sweater and necklace from F21; shirt and pants from Rickis; Shoes from Spring

And today is hump day, yay! Which means tomorrow night I see... the last Harry Potter. I am so excited, but I know it'll be so bittersweet. It'll be over for good, and I'm not sure how it'll make me feel. I definitely cried when I finished the books... 

I've been making up hours at work in anticipation of the midnight show. I've already made up 1 hour, and hopefully I'll get in another 30 minutes early tomorrow.  If I can, I won't need to show up at 8 on Friday morning. THAT would be painful after the midnight showing of HP.  I'm so grateful I get flexibility at work, it's wonderful!

Oh, and if you're all up in the HP mania, check out Alex's DIY on this totally awesome shirt. I really want to do this...


  1. The outfit works for me:-) I'm a big fan of skinny black cigarette pants! xoxo

  2. Great outfit! I adore the blazer you are wearing


  3. LOVE those pants! You look really cute, I like the top!

  4. I love this entire look! Super chic!


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