Little striped dress.

This doesn't happen very often, but I am blogging the outfit that I am currently wearing. How is that for real life?!

Today I went shopping and splurged on a few things- another pair of jeans (same style as these, but in a different wash), a light chambray top (cause I still didn't own one), a couple scarves and other basics. With a limited shopping budget, I'm trying to be very careful about what I'm spending my money on. I think I did pretty good today. No more shopping for the next month for me!

Do you stick to a strict shopping budget or are you flexible with what you buy?


  1. I'm usually strict with my budget, but lately I have been going a little crazy. Most of the shopping has been at thrift stores, so that kinda makes it ok.. right?! lol

    I love this dress on you!

  2. I WISH I were more strict with my clothing budget. But having a husband who also likes to shop is both awesome and a pain when you're trying to save. I love this dress- and I really love the green belt.

  3. love that dress, super cute, especially with the green belt!!!
    I am going to be trying super hard to stick to a "budget" for fall clothing aka not spend a lot of money! eeep! We shall see!

  4. this is super cute! especially love the belt
    kw ladies in navy

  5. You look so darn cute in this dress! I have a €100 (about $120) budget for every 3 months. Occasionally my budget goes up a little if I earned a bonus at work or when it's been my birthday :) Right now It's basically all gone because I bought a decent pair of new shoes and they were rather expensive :( xo

  6. Very cute!!

    I'm on a pretty strict budget (especially now!), but I just found this FABULOUS dress at Winners and had to have... $67 later... I'm still a happy lady. It was worth it! Remind me to send you a picture!

  7. My "budget" is more of a guideline, really. I try to stick to it, but if I only have $10 left and I find a to-die-for item for $30, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger :)

    This outfit is really cute. I'm digging the belt! Is it designed to be twirly like that, or is it just really long?

  8. Posting an outfit the same day you wear it?! A rarity in the blogging world! I love a good, classic, striped dress :)

  9. I try to stick to a strict budget, but my ultimate goal is to spend as little as possible on clothing - I'm going through a "Shop my Closet" and purge phase.

    Anyways, you look great - I love the way you've styled this t-shirt dress. Very casual chic!

    Kate xo

  10. Great little striped dress. Love your hair as well, perfect relaxed but put together look.


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