Some more man-style.

A few months ago I posted some of my favourite man-style looks.  Partly for the fashion, partly for the eye-candy.
Well, it's Sunday, and we all deserve a little bit of eye-candy.
Here you are ladies; some fashionable men to feast your eyes on.

Oh... Hi Ryan Gosling!


  1. yeah girl GET SOME! So hotttt love it

  2. I don't think Ryan Gosling is that pretty.

    Don't kill me please.

    The one riiiight above Ryan though... haha!

  3. Ahh Ryan! Thanks for the eye candy :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I think I may be one of the only few ladies who doesn't swoon over Ryan Gosling (give me Channing any day!) but that 4th guy, I am basically drooling, I mean that hair!

  5. Ugh. Men with style, my ultimate weakness haha


    1. Right? I swear, they're like a beast in the wild....Totally forgotten until WOAH! There's one!

  6. I love this feature, keep it up Kelly! B and I were talking men's fashion these days, and he summed it up: it's pretty much about layers, isn't it? YUP!


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