Long weekend casual.

KS tee; American Eagle jeans; H&M clutch; Call it Spring sandals

Yesterday was a holiday for us Canadians. Well, most of us. I met up with a girlfriend and we toured the city looking for a great place to eat.

We came across Farmteam Cookhouse, and having debated going there many times, we decided to try it out. All I can say is holy YUM! I had the gourmet veggie sandwich and it was possibly the best sandwich I've ever eaten.  Then we went up Elgin and got some gelato. Heaven in a cup, I tell ya.

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and I spent the afternoon outside with a great girlfriend. This is what long weekends are made of.


  1. Hooray for long weekends and good food! Sounds like you had a jolly good time ;) Love tis casual outfit. Those light wash jeans are very pretty! xo

  2. Sounds like the perfect day off! Love your casual outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day off! Yay for a long weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Ugh why can't every weekend be a long weekend?? ;)

  4. Aah jealous of your long weekend! Looks like it was lovely and sunny for you :)


    1. I hope you have a nice long weekend or vacation coming soon to you :)


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