Saves vs. Splurges

A few weeks ago, maybe months, Sharon of The Tiny Heart inspired the idea for this post. She was talking about what products she liked to save on versus what she splurged on.

That got me thinking about my buying habits - what do I save and splurge on?

HANDBAGS: I very rarely buy expensive bags. I have lots, but none are designer or real leather. I hope to invest in a great leather bag soon, but ultimately I like having a large selection.

GYM CLOTHES: Well... they're going to get sweaty anyways. I have been extremely happy with my mostly-Costco gym clothing and some Old Navy thrown in there. An exception to cheaping out on gym clothing is running shoes. I do buy a good quality pair, cause support is important.

SHOES: Contrary to my comment above, most of my footwear has been purchased on sale or clearance. I was even able to swing 30% off my Converse. I had an amazing pair of moccasins from Giant Tiger (had = dog ate them) that I bought for $15. They were my favourite shoes in my entire collection. Note to self: must replace them soon.

JACKETS / OUTERWEAR: If I can save, I will, but if I'm going to buy anything full price it's usually a jacket. Winter jackets have to be good quality up here in the Great White North, so it usually means forking over a couple hundred dollars. Though I can't say I'd be able to fork over $700 for that Canada Goose jacket. Darn.

HAIR PRODUCTS: I use the kind of shampoo that's $20+ a bottle. I also will splurge the extra $$$ to get the brand name. Hair is one place where I don't like to make sacrifices.

BLAZERS: Blazers are something I have learned you can't go cheap on. To get a decent fitting one you usually end up spending at least $50. To most people that's probably not expensive, but considering I don't usually buy jeans for more than $30 means it hits my wallet pretty hard.

What do you save or splurge on?


  1. Aww thanks for the shoutout! I get the cheap shampoo/condition but I splurge on the styling products for my hair.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Love this post idea! I myself splurge on shoes, as I have very abnormal feet, haha, and need to wear sturdy, supportive shoes so my back doesn't ache after walking for a day. I also splurge on coats, as I normally would only buy one winter coat every two to three seasons :) And I tend to save on bags, swimwear and jewelry ^^ x

  3. I definitely splurge on shoes. Recently I've been looking at my bag collection with distaste so I've been working on that. Gym stuff, like you I cheap out on. I wear whatever I have and steal things the bf no longer wears. As for sneakers, somehow my mind just doesn't register them as real shoes. So I don't even own a real pair. I want to get a pair of Nike's though but that $100 sometimes more price tag has me hesitating.


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