5 Reasons why living alone is fab.

So you all know that I'm living alone now. Well, it's fab.

Those of you who have lived alone will probably agree with me on some of these reasons why:

1. Underwear is not shameful. Yeah, if it's left on the ground because you're too lazy to pick it up, no one's going to come around and be all "uhh... you dropped something...". Embarrassing moment avoided.

2. No one eats your food. Seriously, dunno about you but I have lived with peeps who ate my food. I used to keep a secret stash in my night-stand because if I didn't, it'd be eaten. And not by me.

3. Fridge space is heavenly. I actually have ROOM for my food! And in my freezer! No more sharing. Ever. I can buy all the ice cream I want. See above.

4. I can decorate however I want. If I want to plaster kitty posters all over, I can. I won't, but the option is there in case I ever decide I want to be single forever and wake up to cuteness every morning (cuteness guaranteed not to fade over time).

5. There's no one else to use my toilet paper. Have you ever had a roommate that you swore ate your toilet paper? How the heck does it get used so fast?! I am saving some serious dough by using it alone! Bonus.

... Off to discover more reasons why living alone is pretty stellar.

Happy Friday lovelies!


  1. #6 walking around naked! lol

    Life of Mabel

  2. Haha, my hubby always eats all the snacks! And I think I have those same bowls :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Okay - I agree with all of these things! Here's why living with your spouse (in my case) is extra awesome: They split all costs with you!

    Back to single living:
    I agree with #5 - one of my roommates used to go through so much Kleenex... like 10 boxes a month.... why?! I didn't even use any...

    OH! And you don't have to split costs of things you don't really use!! Definite plus to living alone...

    OH and you get so much privacy, can blast any music you like -- its also easier to sleep in when other people aren't clomping around... Such bliss!

  4. I'm almost convinced... except then I'd have to pay rent. ;)

    xo Lauren

  5. I won't lie- there are definitely some days I miss living on my own. My favorite thing was putting on my crazy face masks, or other "beautifying" products and being able to just hang out like that all night without someone thinking I was a monster. Oh, and no one judging how dirty my room was.

  6. Amen sister! I live alone too and its WONDERFUL!!!!

  7. Related to #2: nobody eats your chocolate, and nobody judges you for how much chocolate you eat... I lived by myself for a year in England and loved being able to do my own thing! Sometimes I encourage my boyfriend to have boys weekends etc so I get the place to myself and do all those things haha ;)


  8. You forgot the best part of living alone: no one can judge you for eating gross amounts of food! More boxes of cereal for dinner for me!


  9. I ally miss living alone. Jealous;)

    xo, Joanne

  10. I have another one for ya: getting to open all the mail that comes to your address. I'm not a snooper at all when it comes to my fiance's stuff but when I see mail, any mail, I just itch for the satisfaction of ripping it open even if it's junk. Maybe that's just me!


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