Chocolate bark.

As Christmas creeps up, I figure I should do something nice for my bosses at work. I didn't really want to buy them anything (who knows what to get them?), so I decided to turn to junk food. Chocolate bark, to be more specific.

Chocolate bark is pretty. It's fun and fancy, and pretty hard to screw up. 

Sweet. Right up my ally.

First, I chopped up the chocolate. 

Second, I melted the chocolate. I boiled a pot of water on the stove and held the other pot with chocolate overtop of the boiling water. I don't have one of those fancy devices, so I improvised.

Third, I poured the melted chocolate into pans and added the toppings.

...Then I stuck them in the fridge to cool.

One finger blister and a sore arm later, I've got three different kinds of chocolate bark that I'll split between my two co-workers.

Semi-sweet chocolate + marshmallows + toffee bits drizzled in bittersweet chocolate

Semi-sweet chocolate + almond slivers + dried cranberries

White chocolate + crushed candy canes + bittersweet chocolate

Lessons learned? 
- Chopping chocolate sucks. 
- Bittersweet chocolate is really bitter, so maybe use less next time. It's a good thing they like a dark chocolate..
- Need to come up with a good way to get them OUT of the pans..
- Make twice as much so you can enjoy some too.

Happy Holidays :)


  1. Those look delicious...I am drooling over the one with the candy canes!

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  2. This sounds like something I should make for the husband. He'd love it! (I'm not really a fan of chocolate, but I might even try it!)

  3. I bought all the stuff to do this but I have been lazy! you make me want to be un lazy now! :)


  4. Ok, this is not helping my chocolate cravings! Homemade treats are a great present option. Except yeah, I'd probably eat them first haha :)

  5. Hi Kelly, you might want to try parchment paper, that should definitely help. Either one big piece over whole dish(but corners are not clean when you press in - my old method)or two more fitted pieces with each going from side to side with flaps over edges, i.e., one way (length)and then the other (width) - the Anna Olsen trick. Make sure you trim afterwards for both methods. Hope this helps!
    Karen (first time commenter! and snowed into a Winter Wonderland like you in a similar next of the woods; I'm loving it!) Happy Holidays.


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