So I'm blogging from my iPad. If this turns out all funky and weird, please forgive me.

I don't own much red, but when I saw this shirt I basically jumped on it. No idea why, but this awesome print caught my eye and I couldn't look away. Since then, I've been eyeing red just a little more. I've never been drawn to the colour but perhaps something is changing?

I feel spring in the air, too, which is pretty freaking awesome*. Can I get a hallelujah?

*and by feeling spring I mean the sun has come out to play a bit. No, it's not really any warmer...



  1. you look great! Haha oh the joys of iPad blogging! It turned out just fine :) The other day is was -3 and I was like "ITS SUMMER!" kidding (not really)

  2. LOVE the red!! :)

    And I can feel it in the air too! The birds were out singing today, and the sun was shining! :D


  3. The sun was actually shining today but it was still freeeeezing! Here's hoping! I love this look & these a great photos!


  4. Yess, I can feel Spring coming on too.. Well I did, it's snowing again here today!
    I love this top on you!

  5. Love this top, and red is a great color on you!


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