Christmas shopping made comfortable.
Yes I took these photos at the mall.
Don't judge me. I got enough judgement taking them.

So... who still needs to buy Christmas gifts??


  1. At least you found a location to shoot without freezing your bum off? :D Love the outfit, and yes, I still have some Christmas shopping to do, and we celebrate on the 24th as it's my mom's birthday too. That leaves me with ONE day to get everything ready. Yikes! xo

  2. Those socks are adorable!


  3. No judgement, you have to get them where you can! lol Your hair looks really good!!

  4. You look cute and comfy for shopping! I am not going anywhere near the mall for a long time...I can't deal with the craziness!

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  5. ummm, I still need to buy a couple of Christmas gifts. the snowstorms we got last week put me so behind! those lace up boots are cute and I say to those judging you for taking pics, judge away ;)


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