Little moments.

I once read an article about the little moments in life that make you feel alive. How important it is to recognize them, hold them in your head, and save them for a rainy day. To remember how you felt in that moment; so alive, so free, and so happy. Next time you are down, or life gets in the way of your zen, reach into your mind- your catalogue of moments- and pick one. Now remember how you felt. Remember how the sun shone on your face, or how the breeze ruffled your sweater. Remember how peaceful you were, how at home. Remember the little moments in life that make you feel alive. The moments that make life worth living. Hold onto them and remember.


  1. I need to remember this. Things get so busy, crazy, and stressful I sometimes just shut down. I need to remember all the little amazing things I have & have had in the past.

  2. What a beautiful post! Such a great reminder for when we're bummed out. I think this would make me feel tons better!

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  3. I do this sometimes, but I need to remember to do it more! There's one that always sticks in my head for some reason. It was my senior year in college, around this time of year I think (woah, that makes it four years ago--eep) and I was visiting my bf who lived in a different city, having already graduated. And I was getting ready for bed after a party, brushing my teeth and slightly drunk, and feeling weirdly, inexplicably happy. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, self, commit this moment to memory. Then I precariously balanced my toothbrush on the one non-gross space in the mirror cabinet (five dudes, one house--you do the math) and went to sleep in a too-small bed with the most awesome guy ever. Funny, the moments that stick in your mind, isn't it?

  4. Such good advice. I try to do this every day- think of at least one little thing that made me smile or made me happy. It's not that hard- it's just hard to remember to do.

  5. I'm guessing that photo was taking in one of those such moments. I remember one of my last ones -standing with my fiancé on a giant rock formation in Marblehead on the most glorious Saturday afternoon, looking out to the sea. *Sigh*


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