Our second coffee date.

Since our first coffee date went quite well, I figured we could have a repeat today. 
You know, cause I'm drinking coffee and my computer is on my lap.  
And I've got nothing better to do on a Sunday.

Gilmore Girls. This has been my life these last few weeks. 
I got all of the seasons for Christmas and just started season 5 this morning. 
It was my favourite high school show, and I'm loving re-watching it. 

So who invented adult acne?! We were supposed to be done with pimples when we grew out of teenage-hood. No matter what I do, when one goes away, another one decides to attack. 
Attack, I tell ya. 

My dog thinks he's a lap dog. He likes to climb on me when I sit on the couch. 
Today, I took a spot on the recliner chair and he can't sit on me. 
He's confused and can't figure out why.

Also, you are very lucky enough to experience my bed head this morning. 
Isn't it sexy? It's pretty awesome. 
Also that face. Isn't that face sexy?

Do you guys have any questions for me for our next coffee date?
That is, if you want to have another coffee date?
Ask away and I shall answer! Maybe.


  1. Haha, I love this post. And I love your dog. I want to snuggle with him.

    1. Oh, he would love to snuggle with you. He loves snuggles. So much, in fact, he forgets he's 65 lbs and can give you a good charlie horse. And his name is Charlie. Coincidence? I think not.

  2. oh my god: adult acne. literally the WORST thing! I just bought Proactive...AGAIN lol. I hear ya!
    Loving these posts btw, hilarious

    1. Oh I have many friends that go back and forth with Proactiv. Never tried it, my acne is pretty concentrated to my chin area, which is REALLY annoying. :(

  3. Your bedhead actually is really sexy, you should see mine, it's like a tangled rat's nest!!! Your dog is so cute, Marley my cat always wraps around my neck when I'm on the couch! Question for you is what is your favourite guilty indulgent snack? I never had acne as a teenager but now my skin is a hot mess!

    1. Don't let it fool you - mine's a tangled mess too. And that's too sweet! I wish my cats would snuggle around my neck :(

  4. LOVE Gilmore Girls! And your pup is the cutest :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. It's so weird I never broke out as a teenager and now they come out of nowhere! SO annoying! My question is when are you coming to the NY area?!! lol


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