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Some stories stay with us forever.
We learn this from a young age, whether it's something we read in a book.
Or a movie we watched and fell in love with.
Or, as we get older, it's a story we've experienced.
Something that's happened in our life.
Something we'll never forget.

Some stories you wish you could forget, but they just haunt you. After so many years, I wonder if it'll be forever.

*I can't figure out the original source for this photo - if anyone knows please let me know.


Christmas shopping made comfortable.
Yes I took these photos at the mall.
Don't judge me. I got enough judgement taking them.

So... who still needs to buy Christmas gifts??

Winter repeats.

Vero Moda top (via The Bay); American Apparel leggings; Forever 21 shoes; Aldo scarf

This is pretty much a repeat outfit from last year with different shoes and a different scarf.
What can I say, it's a favourite. It's simple. It's cozy with a bit of cute. It's the perfect way to keep warm.


A girlfriend & I had a Christmas date night a couple weekends ago. It was fantastic.
We went to town. in Ottawa, and got the ricotta stuffed meatballs and rosemary potatoes. 
Basically the most heavenly thing I'd eaten in months. 
Paired with a couple Townie cocktails each, dinner was fantastic.
So was the show. We got placed at the chef's bar, so we got to watch the food being prepped.
It was fun guessing what everything was. 
The care that goes into each plate? Man. Fascinating.

We had our workplace Christmas party at the War Museum last weekend.
It was such an awesome venue - I was really excited when we got to pose with the tanks!
Also, this dress was a huge hit and got many compliments. Thank you, eShakti!
It was a good night. We were dancing on chairs. It was that good.
Also it was a mini celebration for me... I got the promotion that I was working for.
Thank you for your luck everyone! It definitely worked!!!

To be continued....


Just clearing out the old photos. Making way for some of the new ones.
Right now I'm missing the days when there wasn't snow on the ground. And my legs weren't frost-bitten from waiting for the bus and walking the few blocks home (biiiiiig baby).

Happy weekend everyone!


Winners sweater; Dynamite jegging; Forever 21 shoes; Call it Spring scarf

I was on a mission to find high-waisted, indigo jeggings. I hate wearing a belt and I just wanted some pants that required no fuss. With a gift card and cash from my birthday, I was ready to drop some serious $$ on a great pair of designer jeans. Well, I tried a bunch on, and none were quite "right".

Defeated, I walked into Dynamite and saw these high-waisted pants. I thought to myself, there's no way.... But alas, they were perfect. The real test was how they'd hold up after a few wears.

Three outfits later and no washing, I can say they STILL hold up above my hips without a belt. Even though they have a generous stretch (giving them that jegging feel), the waist hasn't bagged out. Hallelujah! Now, not sure how these will wash since I haven't tried yet, but for about 1/4 of the price of designer jeans, I'm pretty satisfied so far :)

Also these shots are a couple weeks old.. It is now a winter wonderland and there's no way my bare ankles would survive!


My life lately has been...

I've always had cystic acne on my chin. It's been mild, maybe 1-3 zits at a time. Until about 5 months ago when it was basically an explosion on my face. I had 15 at one point. I have no idea what caused it. Very little had changed in terms of my diet, product use, stress, etc.. According to the internets, acne in this area of the chin is hormonal. For the last 5 months I've made some lifestyle changes to try and figure it out. I've gone basically dairy-free, which has resulted in much lusting over ANYTHING cheesy. I've increased my intake of fruits & veggies, and seriously reduced my intake of refined sugar. I've started replacing my beauty products with natural alternatives. I've been keeping up with workouts as well, since they help manage hormone levels. There have been some improvements, but my skin is basically back to where it has always been. Still mild cystic acne, but now with discolouration (battle scars) from the episode.
I'm still working on figuring it out.

I know we all go through this, but things are just that much harder when you get home from work and it's dark out. Basically motivating yourself is impossible. I only work an 8.5 hour day, but during that entire time I don't turn my brain off. The private sector is go-go-go, and since I'm hourly and can't work overtime, there's a lot of stuff I need to get done. I'm not complaining, I LOVE being busy. It's why I went into the private sector in the first place. I like a challenge. But recently it's fried my brain and when I get home, all I want to do is snuggle into my bed with Netflix. The lack of sun and a fresh blanket of snow isn't helping, either.

With all this craziness at work, some opportunities have come up. I've been working hard for something, and it looks like Monday will be the "make it or break it" day. Wish me luck, because my success with this basically decides my future. Dun dun dunnnn.

My cousin from Denmark is coming to Canada for Christmas!!! I haven't seen her in TWO years! I am so incredibly excited to spend a few weeks with her. Although I have a grown-up job now, I was able to swing a day off so I can cram in some serious family time and cousin lovin' (not in a weird way, you weirdos). Can't wait to see you, Line!


These days I find myself drawn to blacks and greys. Colour? Nahh. But that beautiful, heathered grey? Yes. I'm lusting for that. I don't know if it's the cool weather, or just a shift in my preferences, but I keep reaching for those dark neutrals. Here are some favourite outfits I found on Pinterest:

Via Pinterest (can't find original source, if you know, let me know)

Do you find yourself reaching to darker colours this season?

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Doesn't this quote basically sum up life? 
We live day in and day out, doing basically the same thing.
But the world is constantly evolving; you are constantly growing. 

Life can feel stagnant, but behind the scenes things are changing. 
Slowly, perhaps... but they're changing. 
And you're changing with them.